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We know the building the market intelligence required to make key strategic decisions can be time-consuming, complicated and with gaps you struggle to fill.

Whether that's through attending industry events, trawling through market intelligence databases like EICDataStream, or endlessly searching the internet to get the information you need.

EIC Consult is your new one-stop-shop for all your market intelligence needs. Whether you're looking to enter a new market but are struggling to understand the energy landscape, or you're confused about what exactly Carbon Capture is and how your company can get involved in projects - EIC Consult is the option for you.

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Acknowledging energy transition through EIC Consult

The EIC Consult services are an excellent way for companies to understand energy transition and find a place for their business in it. An outstanding example lies with a bespoke report for a client specialised in fluid system products and services for various industries.

Willing to expand its current business and develop a future strategy amidst growing international pressure for decarbonisation, this client has been successfully informed by the Consult team through a bespoke report – delivered on time and within budget. The document focused on energy transition markets present in the UK and Europe: ammonia, carbon capture (including negative emissions technologies), energy storage, hydrogen and SAF-Biofuels-eMethanol.

In this context, the report included a summary of the markets (trends, ambitions for growth, energy targets, government subsidies), which developments are currently being built and the pipeline of opportunities, who the main players are (for both asset owners and proposers of new projects) as well as key equipment suppliers for these sectors.

Beyond the report itself, additional services were also included under the scope of work: three presentations on the report were given by EIC Consult to the client’s wider team, and, in the wake of COP26, a written update was delivered regarding outcomes and potential sector impacts after Glasgow.

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Fluid systems products and services

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Bespoke Report

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UK & Europe

Industries Covered: Ammonia, Carb on Capture, Energy Storage, Hydrogen and SAF-Biofuels-eMethanol

Additional Services: Three presentations on the report and a written updated following COP26

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