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EIC Consult

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Bespoke market intelligence consulting by the EIC

We know the building the market intelligence required to make key strategic decisions can be time-consuming, complicated and with gaps you struggle to fill.

Whether that's through attending industry events, trawling through market intelligence databases like EICDataStream, or endlessly searching the internet to get the information you need.

EIC Consult is your new one-stop-shop for all your market intelligence needs. Whether you're looking to enter a new market but are struggling to understand the energy landscape, or you're confused about what exactly Carbon Capture is and how your company can get involved in projects - EIC Consult is the option for you.

EIC Consult clients

Case studies

UK Renewables and Clean Tech Energy Policy Landscape Study

Aiding Nuclear AMRC’s Energy Strategy Team in understanding current UK focus within the Energy Transition sectors including Renewables.

Scope of work

EIC Consult drew up a cross-sector template for the CCS, Hydrogen, Renewables (Offshore Wind, Onshore Wind, Solar, Wave, Tidal, Hydroelectric, Energy from Waste, Biomass), Energy Storage, Nuclear, and Biofuels-SAF sectors which detailed:

  • Ongoing and proposed developments (CAPEX and number of projects)
  • Level of current UK content on developments (where known)
  • Major players (operators involved)
  • Known supporting organisations (Trade Associations, NGOs etc)
  • Sector Roadmaps (Short/Medium Term and Long Term)
  • Current Strategy/has Strategy been released?
  • Business model/has Business model been released?
  • Energy targets; including whether historical targets have been met and whether future targets look to be met
  • Capacity additions/targets
  • Government support mechanisms
  • Current competitions/bid rounds
  • Subsidy mechanisms/PP investment