Market Intelligence

EIC Market Intelligence Databases and Services

Discover the EIC's suite of market intelligence databases.

Save time and money when identifying new business opportunities in CAPEX and OPEX energy markets using our advanced analytical tools to collate market intelligence and project and asset details.

EICDataStream is the EIC's leading project tracking database, containing information on energy projects from the inception stage all the way through to completion.

EIC Consult is your new one-stop-shop for all your market intelligence needs. Whether you're looking to enter a new market but are struggling to understand the energy landscape, or you're confused about what exactly Carbon Capture is and how your company can get involved in projects - EIC Consult is the option for you.

EICAssetMap, the EIC's operations and maintenance (O&M) database, now maps all major facilities across all energy sectors in the UK, Europe and Caspian, the Americas, Africa and the ASEAN and GCC states.

EICSupplyMap is the EIC’s latest offering in our suite of energy market intelligence databases. This up-to-date and verified map of more than 6371 energy sector supply chain companies can provide unparalleled insight into the sectors’ capabilities.