The world’s largest energy supply chain awards programme, the WESCAs celebrate the most inspiring success stories globally across all energy sectors. The WESCAs showcase the creativity and determination of business leaders who drive growth and innovation in constantly changing and challenging markets.

WESCA statuette

WESCA Statuette

The WESCA statuette was designed in 2023 as part of EIC’s 80th anniversary. Tradition states that the 80th jubilee is marked by the oak tree and as such we were inspired to design our new WESCA branded award trophy with an oak tree in mind. The trophy design is also globe shaped to represent EIC’s global vision, membership and our staff’s passion for a healthy planet. The globe is also universally recognized as a symbol of unity and peace. In business terms, it signifies international trade, inclusiveness, and unity.

Under the WESCA lie several traditional accolades, including categories for Collaboration, Culture, Digital, Diversification, Energy Transition, Export, Innovation, Optimisation, People & Competency, Resilience, Scale Up, Service & Solutions, Sustainability, Technology, Transformation


The WESCAs offer the chance of win a globally recognized award, the highest recognition in the energy supply chain.

Additional benefits of being a finalist

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finalist badge

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Additional benefits of being a winner

WESCA statuette

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EIC awards events

Celebrate the highest recognition for the world’s energy supply chain

The awards ceremonies will be held between September and December 2024 in five regional EIC awards events: