Jacobs selected to support South Africa’s nuclear power plant life extension programme

Jacobs selected to support South Africa’s nuclear power plant life extension programme

16 Aug 2021

As part of the US$1.2bn programme, Jacobs was chosen to carry out the essential engineering modifications to prolong the operating life of the Koeberg nuclear power plant near Cape Town, South Africa. Koeberg is the only nuclear power plant in South Africa, generating 5% of the country's electricity.

The project is preparing to install six replacement steam generators at the two-reactor plant operated by Eskom, each weighing approximately 380 tons and measuring approximately 20 metres long. The replacement of the first steam generator of Koeberg's two units is scheduled to begin during the planned outage in January 2022, and the entire project will take two years to complete.

Jacobs will be responsible for the construction management related to upgrades to the secondary turbine system. The scope of work comprises prefabrication of piping, pipe supports and modification, and piping replacement; installation of onsite scaffolding, rigging and lagging; vessel modifications and strengthening; and replacement of forced air cooler units.

The current steam generator has been in use since the plant was connected to the national grid in 1984. Replacing them is an important part of Koeberg's plan to extend its operating life from 40 to 60 years.

For more information, please visit EICDataStream.

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