Germany retires three of six remaining nuclear power plants

Germany retires three of six remaining nuclear power plants

04 Jan 2022

Germany has retired the Brokdorf, Groend and Gundremmingen nuclear power plants, as part of its efforts to transition to renewable energy. Put together, the three power plants had a capacity of over 4GW.

In line with the decision made by the Angela Merkel government in 2011 to phase out all nuclear power plants in Germany by 2022, the closed plants were three of the country’s remaining six nuclear power plants in operation until the end of 2021.

The three nuclear power plants that continue to operate in Germany are the Neckarwestheim, Isar and Emsland plants, and their total installed capacity exceeds 4.2GW. These plants are expected to be deactivated by the end of this year.

According to preliminary figures, the six nuclear power plants accounted for nearly 12% of electricity production last year in Germany.

By 2030, the country intends to meet 80% of the power demand through renewable sources.

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