Grenergy signs PPA for its 150MW solar farm in Cuenca

Grenergy signs PPA for its 150MW solar farm in Cuenca

15 Sep 2021

Grenergy has signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) of approximately 200GWh per year with a major electricity group. The company will sell part of the energy produced by the Belinchón solar farm to this electricity generation, marketing and distribution company, which has a strong presence in the Iberian market and has received a 12-year BBB rating from Fitch.

The Belinchón solar farm is located in Barajas de Melo, Cuenca, and will have an installed capacity of 150MWp and an estimated annual output of 315GWh. When fully operational, it is expected to provide enough energy to power 90,000 homes while saving 116,865 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In order to optimize the excellent solar resources of the region, the solar park will use bifacial photovoltaic modules that increase its production by up to 15%. This is an innovative technology that captures radiation on both sides to maximize the surface area of the panels.

The company expects it to come into operation in 2022, although the agreement will not be activated until March 2023.

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Grenergy signs PPA for its 150MW solar farm in Cuenca
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