Vestas introduces new digital platform to build scale across the renewable aftermarket

Vestas introduces new digital platform to build scale across the renewable aftermarket

03 Sep 2021

Vestas, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, has introducesd Covento, a digital platform providing a marketplace to efficiently connect buyers and sellers of parts and services from across various renewable energy technologies.

Through Covento, Vestas aims to transform a fragmented renewable aftermarket into a simplified and connected digital journey. By creating a space for players across the renewable landscape to easily connect and collaborate, Vestas’ goal is to establish a stronger foundation for the renewables industry to build scale.

Covento will be directly addressing the renewable aftermarket, which consists of supply chain and commercial transactions that take place during operations and service. The platform will list products and services from both Vestas and third party sellers, and will facilitate the delivery of goods from both Vestas and third party suppliers.

Buyers and sellers will gain access to one digital platform, where all parts and service needs can be met, and where it is possible to sell to the entire industry. Covento will therefore remove complexity, and create efficiency and transparency across operations and service transactions.

Covento will see Vestas orchestrating an adaptable platform, capable of supporting new sales models and commercial pathways for vetted buyers and sellers. This will in turn enhance the value of the renewable aftermarket, currently forming a multi-billion-euro segment of the renewable commercial landscape, and allow buyers and sellers to easily access this potential for value capture.

For more information please visit the Vestas website.

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