FAQs | Overseas Delegations

Overseas Delegation FAQs

Does the EIC recommend a travel agent?
The EIC would appoint a travel company to assist the UK pavilion before the event and onsite. Please email the team for further information on each individual event and delegation.

How far in advance would I need to book my travel arrangements?

This would vary between each exhibition and delegation. Speak to your appointed events team member to discuss.

Our company is UK-registered but I would like to have someone from our local office participate.

As long as it is the UK-registered company being promoted, we would be delighted to have them in the group.

We only wish to participate in some of the meetings, is this possible?

Delegates are expected to participate in all meetings with the group. We find that it reflects badly on the rest of the group if delegates dip in and out of meetings as all of you are listed in a brochure and the meetings have been confirmed based on the whole group attending.