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Offshore Wind Manufacturing Opportunity

The Scottish Supply Chain has a major opportunity to further exploit the offshore wind market. Therefore, ETZ are partnering up with Scottish Enterprise with delivery partner EIC, to provide a deep dive 5 mini masterclass series on the recently developed high value manufacturing offshore wind factsheets. These cover different aspects of some fixed but mostly floating offshore wind projects. The factsheets are there to help companies assess where their own skills and experience can be applied to these offshore wind components with detailed descriptions of the individual areas of opportunity. The factsheets include the weights, lengths and quantities of many of the most common sub components in both fixed and floating offshore wind. These are intended to provide information for companies wishing to enter the offshore wind supply chain.

The factsheets cover the following areas:

  • Secondary Steel
  • Anchor and Mooring Systems
  • Cable Protection Systems
  • Cables and Accessories
  • Corrosion Protection Systems

There will be opportunity to engage with developers along with available supply chain support and how to access this from partner organisations. Full agenda details to follow.

Please note that these events are aimed at the supply chain in the first instance. Other interested parties may register however due to restricted availability supply chain companies will be given priority.

Upcoming Masterclass Dates

Tuesday 5 March

The Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

Secondary Steel

Secondary Steel refers to elements that fit on the main (primary) structural elements...

Wednesday 27 March

The Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

Anchors & Moorings

Anchor & Mooring Systems are used to secure floating offshore wind turbines to the seafloor...

Wednesday 24 April

The Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

Cable Protection Systems

Cable Protection Systems (CPS) help protect cables against impact, abrasion, fatigue...

Wednesday 24 April

The Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

Cables & Accessories

Cables & Accessories. There are two types of cable used in offshore wind, array cables...

Wednesday 21 May

The Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection Systems protect equipment above and below the water line...

*** Please note that all masterclasses in this series are specifically for supply chain companies. Other interested parties may register however due to restricted availability supply chain companies will be given first choice ***

If you have any questions or need assistance booking onto the above events please email

About ETZ Ltd.

ETZ Ltd was created in April 2021 to deliver the North east of Scotland’s ambition to be a globally recognised centre for energy transition, with the Energy Transition Zone at the heart of a sustainable, global integrated energy cluster focused on net-zero activity.

The North East of Scotland is uniquely positioned within the UK to take advantage of this opportunity and cement its position as the net zero energy capital of Europe. With proven global expertise in delivering large offshore and onshore projects, the region has the existing world-class talent pool, business capability and infrastructure to deliver.

As we continue to transition from oil and gas, the ETZ will allow us to maintain and develop a world-class supply chain, drive exports and secure further green job and investment opportunities.

ETZ Ltd is a private sector led company. While commercially focused, it is a not-for-profit company and operates on the basis of no commercial gain, and any financial benefit both from the use of public sector funding or future funds will be re-invested into common interests for the benefit of all in development of energy transition activities.

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What is the Energy Transition Zone?

► The Energy Transition Zone is in the immediate vicinity of the new £420m Aberdeen South Harbour and is a mix of greenfield sites, and the brownfield industrial areas of East Tullos and Altens

► 30-40 ha of net zero space, connected to the North Sea coastline and harbour, acting as the commercial gateway to offshore infrastructure for renewable industrial activity onshore including high value manufacturing

► An exemplar low carbon development and home to leading-edge innovation, making it a centre of excellence for floating offshore wind and other renewables, including hydrogen

► Support COVID-19 green recovery and complementary to net zero initiatives across Scotland

► Located within and next to an area that has high levels of deprivation and by working with the community through its development, provides an opportunity to advance equality of opportunities, deliver community benefits and support inclusive growth

An introduction to ETZ

Get involved and join the ETZ Masterclass Series – Register your interest here

Get involved and join ETZ’s Supply Chain Pathway Masterclass Series! EIC are delighted to be masterclass delivery partner for ETZ, please register your interest through the email below.

North East Scotland energy supply chain companies have exclusive access to ETZ’s low carbon industry masterclasses taking place during 2023 / 2024. Throughout the series attendees will receive up to date market insights from specialists, hear the future market potential from key industry speakers, and have one-to-ones with potential clients and partners. Market opportunity areas already covered in the successful series include offshore fixed and floating offshore wind, green and blue hydrogen and CCUS, Blue Economy, with further insights planned on these and other low carbon areas to come.

North East Scotland companies can apply to join the masterclass series - just share your contact details and confirm your company has a base the region via an e-mail to and a member of the delivery team will be in touch with further details.