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Speaker programme

We are currently in the process of finalising the speaker programme at the APAC Energy Conversations 2021.

This event is closed.

  • Monday 25 October 2021
  • Tuesday 26 October 2021
  • Wednesday 27 October 2021
  • Thursday 28 October 2021
  • Day 0

    14:00 – 16:00 MYT | 7:00AM – 9:00AM UK

    Pre-Event: Ice Breaking Networking

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    Day 1

    10:00 – 10:30 MYT
    Opening Address – Stuart Broadley
    EIC CEO Welcome Remarks – Azman Nasir
    10:30 -12:00 MYT

    Panel 1: Navigating the Energy Transition Within the APAC Region

    Energy Buzz Chat

    1. What is ahead for the energy sector in APAC?
    2. How Asian countries address energy trilemma?
    3. Where can SMEs contribute to Net zero?
    4. What are the key trends in APAC?
    5. Where & What are the opportunities in Clean Energy? Who are the main players?
    6. Why is it a challenge to achieve net zero in APAC and what are the viable solutions?

    12:10 -13:40 MYT

    Panel 2: Bridge or Destination: The APAC LNG journey | Natural Gas as an Interim/Transition Solution?

    Energy Buzz Chat

    1. What is the LNG outlook in APAC?
    2. Where are the opportunities in APAC?
    3. How will LNG shape the energy transition?
    4. Why incorporate LNG into energy mix?
    5. What is needed for LNG to remain competitive and relevant for the energy mix of the future?
    6. Is green LNG a pathway for natural gas in the net zero future?

    13:50 – 14:10 MYT

    APAC Market Outlook and Q&A

    14:10 – 14:20 MYT

    Networking Break

    14:20 – 15:50 MYT

    Panel 3: The Roadmap to Decarbonization

    Energy Buzz Chat

    1. What does decarbonisation mean to you, and what are you doing about it?
    2. What are the different elements of decarbonisation that the APAC region can focus on?
    3. What are the latest solutions for decarbonisation?
    4. What is the best way to decarbonise the oil and gas sector within the region?

    16:00 – 16:30 MYT

    Closing Plenary Session 1

    There are still a lot of opportunities in oil and gas, opportunities in energy transition /net zero increasing, opportunities in decarbonisation, brownfield opportunities in APAC.

    1. Delivering on the APAC decarbonisation pledge
    2. New energies and unparalleled transformation
    3. APAC’s climate conundrum: Carbon neutrality 2050 and its implications for fossil fuels

    16:30 MYT

    Day 1 Close

    Day 2

    10:30 -12:00 MYT

    Panel 4: Making the Switch From Oil and Gas to Offshore Wind

    Energy Buzz Chat

    1. How can the offshore wind sector in APAC benefit from the transferable skills in oil and gas?
    2. Why should oil and gas firms target offshore wind?
    3. Where/ How can oil and gas companies start penetrating the offshore wind sector?
    4. Which oil and gas companies have transitioned into offshore wind?
    5. Why should offshore wind companies look to the oil and gas industry for services?
    6. Why offshore wind partnerships are proving so attractive to oil and gas companies?
    7. What are the services that the offshore wind sector in APAC desperately needs?
    8. Is floating offshore wind the future for APAC energy sector?
    9. Differences between the oil and gas sector and offshore wind sector and lessons learnt

    12:10 -13:40 MYT

    Panel 5: Building A Clean Power Future with Solar and Wind

    Energy Buzz Chat

    1. Why are solar and wind booming in APAC?
    2. What are the opportunities and challenges for the solar and wind market in APAC?
    3. How important are policies, and subsidies in promoting solar and wind projects?
    4. What role will solar, and wind play in a decarbonised future APAC?
    5. What are the initiatives that are currently in place to promote solar and wind across APAC?
    6. The biggest challenge is the soiling of solar modules, can this be an opportunity for the energy supply chain to tap into?

    14:00 – 15:30 MYT

    Panel 6: Unlocking Hydrogen's Potential in Asia Pacific Region

    Energy Buzz Chat

    1. What are the opportunities for oil and gas supply chain companies in the hydrogen sector?
    2. What does hydrogen mean to you?
    3. What are the challenges in developing a hydrogen in the APAC region?
    4. What is the export/import infrastructures that will be needed to support the movement of hydrogen?
    5. How can digitalization help the hydrogen sector?
    6. What is the best way forward in developing hydrogen projects, decentralised or centralised?
    7. What support mechanisms are needed to propel the sector forward?
    8. What are the opportunities for oil and gas supply chain companies in the hydrogen sector?

    15:40 – 16:10 MYT

    Closing Plenary Session 2:

    Gas is becoming more prominent as transition fuel hence more projects in APAC, challenges, and opportunities in solar projects in APAC and how to avoid pitfalls, APAC set to overtake other regions in growth of wind, integrated approach in hydrogen, the way forward for supply chain companies in APAC

    16:10 MYT

    Day 2 - Close

    Day 2+1

    14:00 – 16:00 MYT | 7:00AM UK

    Post-Event: Keep in Touch Networking Series

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