Mexico: a case for decarbonization and net-zero

02 Mar 2021
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About this event

Join the EIC and Department for International Trade (DIT) Mexico for the second of a four-part webinar series around energy opportunities in Mexico!

Field development in Mexico has significantly increased since it opened its market to private investors in 2014. Project opportunities are poised to significantly increase amid Mexico's ambitious goal of increasing production by 1MMbbl/d by 2024.  At the same time, over the past decade, Mexico has seen significant growth in the power and renewable energy sectors, influenced by the increased demand for sustainable, clean energy vis-à-vis falling costs of renewable energy and growing advancement of new technologies. 

Mexico is a country of opportunity when it comes to energy transition. With its significant and diversified resources, the country could be at the center of the lowest energy cost globally and an attractive market for investment. From fossil and non-fossil energy sources such as oil, gas, renewables, and innovative technologies such as hydrogen and CCUS, Mexico could poise itself as a global energy player whilst at the same time addressing its CO2 emissions.

At the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), Mexico, one of the most diverse and largest economies of Latin America, committed to reduce its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions within the following decade. Against this background, Mexico is feeling the effects of climate change; not only do geographic characteristics of the region make the country vulnerable to extreme weather events such as more aggressive hurricanes and the uneven distribution of rain among other threats of climate change, but it is also ranked 12th out of the top 20 emitting GHG countries globally. And until recently, Mexico had set aggressive climate change goals; the current administration has since moved the country’s focus to comprehensive upgrading of aging fossil fuel plants and continued production of oil and gas.

Already, oil and gas companies in Mexico such as BP, Repsol, Shell and Total have begun adopting their international strategies to cut carbon emissions. In fact, strategies to adopt net-zero strategies and emissions reductions compliment the scaling up of renewables in providing Mexico energy security and reducing operating costs of all energy infrastructure. These shifts in the energy landscape will impact all stakeholders across the industry providing for a new market dynamic.

Join the EIC and DIT to hear from leading international operators in Mexico, to learn about their operations and the case for decarbonization and net-zero in Mexico, which includes Operations & Maintenance, Decommissioning, electrifying platforms, FPSOs.

Event Details
Date: Tuesday 02 March 2021
Time:  09:00 - 11:00am CST
Cost: Free for all companies to attend
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Confirmed Speakers:
Alejandro Cossio, Commercial Lead, DIT
Amanda Duhon, Director, EIC North & Central America
Abraham Villarreal, Commercial Manager B2B,  Engie 
Arlene Pertzel, LATAM CPO, Engie 
Colin Maxwell, Operations Manager, Geologix Limited
Rafael Canseco, Director Supply Chain Mexico, McDermott
Chris Ayres, Chief Customer Officer, OPEX Group

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