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UK Operational

March 2023

Authored by

  • Charlie Coppins

    OPEX Analyst,

Unprecedented geopolitical and economic events in 2022 have produced turmoil and uncertainty in the UK energy markets over the past year. These factors have also revealed vulnerabilities in the UK’s energy security, which has become a key focus for the UK Government, demonstrated by the release of the British Energy Security Strategy.

The UK is still highly dependent on natural gas, its nuclear capacity is dwindling as reactors reach the end of their lifespan, and it has failed to install the renewable capacity required to prevent consumer bills from skyrocketing. However, based on the data our teams at the EIC have gathered, the UK has a strong pipeline of projects, either planned or under development, across multiple renewables and new technology sectors.

The challenge now is to ensure that the barriers to growth and innovation continue to be removed and the necessary measures are put in place to maximise investment in the wider UK energy market.

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