EIC Insight Report

Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS)

December 2022

Authored by

  • Joanne Sivanathan

    Energy Analyst,

In the global effort to reduce emissions in the atmosphere, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) has been called to arms to aid the energy transition. The wonders of carbon capture lie in its applicability across all emitting industries and the harmonies the technology has to oil and gas infrastructure and expertise. What is required next for the sector is wide-spread scalability. With over 200 carbon capture developments announced worldwide since 2020, the renewed momentum for the industry is undeniable.

There is still some uncertainty lingering around the carbon capture market, with its chequered history and the effectiveness of technology in mitigating climate concerns being called into question. However, the market has been developing since the 90s and offers up proven expertise and R&D efforts to demonstrate it as a viable technology to decarbonise hard to abate sectors.

This report will look at the strengths and needs of the supply chain. Key regions will be explored and the policies in place to support the growing carbon capture market. EIC’s supply chain analyst, Christopher Shirley, and his team undertook a supply chain mapping exercise for the UK of which the results are shared within this document.

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