Wärtsilä strengthens its commitment to decarbonisation with further investment in Soletair Power

04 Mar 2021

The technology group Wärtsilä invested a further €1m (£863.9m) in Soletair Power Oy, a Finnish CO2 direct air capture technology company. This follows Wärtsilä’s original €500,000 (£431.9m) investment in Soletair Power made in 2019.

Soletair Power has developed a breakthrough solution for capturing the carbon dioxide (CO2) from air in buildings that can be used when creating synthetic renewable fuel. This latest investment enables Soletair Power to further its global sales efforts and to scale up the manufacturing of its CO2 capture solution for building ventilation.

The investment enhances Wärtsilä’s position at the forefront of decarbonisation technology, and the capture and utilisation development of CO2. In addition to producing synthetic renewable fuels, the carbon captured from air can be used for various purposes and industry applications, such as in the food industry.

Wärtsilä is a technology leader in the development of systems and solutions that promote decarbonisation in the energy and marine markets. Wärtsilä, together with Soletair Power and Q Power, a Finnish company specialising in synthetic fuel technologies, developed the first demonstration unit producing synthetic methane from captured CO2 in 2020.

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