Cargostore Worldwide announces launch of major rebrand

Cargostore Worldwide announces launch of major rebrand

08 Nov 2021

Cargostore Worldwide has announced a major rebrand unveiling a fresh new look for the company, visible in everything from its logo to the design of its website.

Having expanded into new market sectors, most notably offshore wind and energy across several new regions since the company’s inception in 2016, Cargostore has undergone this brand overhaul to reflect its current position in the market.

Cargostore’s distinct yellow and blue logo has been with the company since its establishment, and while it is an eye-catching logo when plastered across a container, the bright green colour of its DNV 2.7-1 offshore containers has become associated with the brand, which is where the new aesthetic stems from.

Cargostore’s green DNV 2.7-1 containers are designed for safety as they are easily visible at night, particularly during the harsh weather conditions often experienced offshore. The green colour takes centre stage of the new brand and is visible in the iconic new logo which will soon be seen on Cargostore containers across the globe.

Having become synonymous with international standards, Cargostore has grown to be a leading supplier of DNV 2.7-1 certified containers supporting offshore wind, oil and gas and catering in locations globally from Taiwan, the Middle East and Europe, to the Gulf of Mexico and across the US and Africa.

While Cargostore continues to serve its loyal UK B2C client base, the business has grown into a global provider of specialised container types for aid and relief operations, remote site camps and catering, mining and large-scale events.

Cargostore’s ISO containers used in onshore and remote site projects will also be painted green in line with the new brand.

Andrew Hart, CEO commented: “The timing of the rebrand is perfect for the company bringing a fresh and modern look both as part of our recently established three-year growth strategy and our ongoing commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality of standards and service.”

Michael Coupland, Connection Capital LLP and Cargostore board member said: “It’s exciting to see the evolution of Cargostore under Connection Capital, and it’s great to see the team upping the ante as the business goes through its next cycle of growth.”

For more information please visit Cargostore Worldwide’s website.

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