W. Maass (UK) Ltd now independent

07 Feb 2021

W. Maass (UK) Ltd has completed a management takeover from within the Maass Global Group following 40 years in business since inception in 1980.

Managing Director David Toone explained that the UK company has always been financially independent and is focused more on the specialist supply of subsea pipeline products as opposed to commodity products. The takeover has been amicable and trading will continue as normal but from an independent UK position.

All key professionals and manufacturing resources will remain intact, including machining, NDT, quality control, design and project management, supply chain and stock-control.

David Toone further explained that there has been a lot of disruption with Brexit, the change to the focus on renewables, and COVID-19 impacting the industry, but this is not the reason for this development. David is an advocate for UK manufacturing and believes that there are still many years of opportunity ahead in the oil and gas sector, both in the North Sea and world export markets.

W. Maass has a large UK supply track record and intends to move forward seamlessly and without disruption.

For more information please visit the W. Maass website.

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