Black Sea Oil & Gas completes the installation of the Ana gas production platform

Black Sea Oil & Gas completes the installation of the Ana gas production platform

23 Sep 2021

Black Sea Oil & Gas SA and its co-venture partners, Petro Ventures Resources SRL and Gas Plus Dacia SRL, announced the installation of the Ana natural gas production platform, the first offshore platform built and installed in Romania over the last 30 years.

Following the installation of the submarine pipeline and supporting structure of the platform in the first half of this year, Romanian oil services company GSP successfully installed the final component of the platform, the deck assembly, approximately 120km away from the shore, on the Ana deposit, in waters with a depth of 70 metres.

The Ana platform is a 3000 tons gas production platform, consisting of a jacket that sits mainly underwater and a 3 decks topside above the water. The gas coming from the Ana and Doina reservoirs are collected and measured on the platform, then delivered to the onshore gas treatment plant through a 121km subsea and 4.5km onshore pipeline.

With all the infrastructure now installed, hook-up and commissioning will take place next, ahead of expected drilling campaign in November this year.

For more information, please visit EICDataStream.

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