TAQA completes topside removal of Brae Bravo in North Sea

TAQA completes topside removal of Brae Bravo in North Sea

17 Aug 2021

Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), one of the largest listed integrated utility companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has completed the topside removal of the Brae Bravo platform.

This marked the completion of two successful ground-breaking campaigns with HAF, the Heerema Marine Contractor and AF Offshore Decom (AFOD) consortium contracted to complete the Brae Bravo removal and disposal scopes.

The topside removal was completed by two of the world’s largest semi-submersible crane vessels, Thialf and Sleipnir. At its peak, up to 500 people worked on the project totalling nearly 400,000 man-hours without any major incidents recorded.

Campaign 1, executed from the Thialf, prepared the platform for removal and removed the cranes and helideck. During these activities, Sleipnir simultaneously completed the removal of the Brae Bravo flare tower, bridge and jacket marking the first time these two semi-submersible crane vessels converged in the North Sea. Campaign 2 saw the return of the Sleipnir to remove the remaining modules and transport them to the dismantling yard.

The 36,000 tonne structure was sent to the AFOD Environmental Base in Vats, Norway, and is now being processed with the aim of reusing or recycling 95% or more of the material.

Over its 33 year lifetime, Brae Bravo produced more than 500m barrels of oil equivalent and is widely recognised within the industry as an iconic asset in the pioneering Brae fields.

The only remaining visible element of Brae Bravo is the top of the jacket above the sea surface. A dedicated navigational aid has been installed on the remaining structure and a 500 metre safety zone will remain in place until the jacket is decommissioned in 2022.

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