Chevron halts operations at Tamar gas platform offshore Israel

Chevron halts operations at Tamar gas platform offshore Israel

14 May 2021

US oil and gas company Chevron has shut down the Tamar gas field offshore Israel, following an instruction from the country’s energy ministry. The ministry’s instructions come in the wake of violence in the region.

Located at nearly 90km west of Haifa, the northern Israeli port city, the Tamar gas field is a key source of natural gas for the domestic market. The field is located at an overall depth of 5,000 metres below sea level. Discovered in 2009, the field has been in production since 2013.

With a stake of 25%, Chevron is the operator of the Tamar gas field, which produced a total of 8.2 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas in 2020. Chevron’s partners in the field include Delek Drilling, Isramco, Tamar Petroleum, Dor Gas and Everest.

The company is continuing operations at its second gas field, Leviathan, in the country.

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