Sessions | The North Sea Decarbonisation Conference 2023


16-17 May, 2023

The North Sea Decarbonisation Conference

Marriott London Grosvenor Square, London

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EIC Energy Analyst Sector Updates

We kick start our two-day conference with EIC’s Energy Analysts who will provide an overview on the sectors and markets that will be discussed over the course of the two days.

Decarbonising the North Sea - Learnings from the past with a view to the future

Panel to discuss oil & gas in the North Sea, the battle between supply, demand and the drive to decarbonise.


Hydrogen – A Green Hydrogen Frenzy .. is green the new black?

Hydrogen as an energy carrier is not particularly a new concept and has been topical before. The difference in recent years is that clean hydrogen has gained real momentum and is being seen as a key part of the energy transition.


Hydrogen – Project Session

In the session we will be looking at a specific Hydrogen project in more detail.

CCUS – Carbon Capture for a Brighter Tomorrow

The North Sea is at the centre of Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) deployment, with the UK and Europe being home to a growing collection of industrial clusters that aim to use CCUS to help decarbonise their region and are essential to meet net-zero ambitions. In this session we will discuss the unique ways the UK and Europe are accelerating the deployment and commercialization of CCUS.


CCUS – Project Session

In the session we will be looking at a specific CCUS project in more detail.

Investment for a low carbon energy system: policies and technology for a North Sea future

To optimise the development of the North Sea and to effectively achieve wider climate goals, there is a significant requirement for the expansion of net-zero investment to further accelerate innovation and affordable technologies. This session will discuss what action is needed from the UK and European Union to build and support the required frameworks to create and accelerate an integrated North Sea net zero energy system.

Riding the wave for Marine Energy

Oceans are very much an untapped source of energy and yet have the potential to be an infinite power source. In this session we will look at current projects and the various technologies being used to harness the power from the North Sea.


Nuclear Ambitions

Nuclear energy has a huge potential to provide Europe with an effective, efficient and reliable energy alternative to fossil fuels. In this session we will discuss the potential of nuclear power and how nuclear energy can fuel a greener future.


Offshore Wind: The Answer is blowing in the Offshore Wind

The North Sea holds a vast offshore wind energy potential. Offshore wind is one of the key building blocks for the green transition of Europe and to meet the Paris Climate Goals. It could also be key in the repowering of Europe. In the session we will discuss both fixed and floating wind, address the various obstacles that we currently face with the supply chain, look at installation methods and also discuss the need for standardisation in this sector.


Offshore Wind Project Session - A look at both Fixed and Floating Projects in the North Sea

In the session we will be looking at offshore wind projects in more detail.

It’s Electrifying! Electrification of the North Sea

The transition to a low carbon energy future is of course dependent on the rapid growth of renewable energy, however the world is still very much dependant on the production of oil and gas to meet rising energy demands. It is therefore essential that this energy need is produced with as low a carbon footprint as possible. This session will look at what has already been achieved, new emerging technologies, the challenges faced, as well as sharing and identifying technical issues that need to be resolved for projects to move forward.


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