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Thermal energy transition – how long in transition?

02 Jul 2024
NH Collection Milano City Life
Sector Showcase
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About this event

When will technology and infrastructure deliver net zero targets?

Thermal energy transition stands as the backbone in achieving net zero targets. We must take carbon out of the energy system, and non-biological techniques and technologies provide a quick return.

Carbon can be removed by switching to low carbon fuels or implementing carbon capture after combustion of carbon-based fuels.

Yet, despite the apparent simplicity of the solution, progress seems slow. Technological barriers are a significant concern, impeding our path toward net zero targets. Until these barriers are dismantled, thermal energy transition may remain in limbo, jeopardising the transition and missing the net zero targets.

The hurdles in transitioning thermal energy are primarily centered around the commercial scaling of key technologies:

  • Electrolysers for green hydrogen production
  • E-fuels production from renewable sources
  • Adaptation of gas turbines to combust 100% green fuels like hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol
  • Production of sustainable aviation fuel
  • Establishment of large-scale storage capacities for hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol
  • Deployment of effective carbon capture methods

In our forthcoming thought leadership discussion, we aim to dissect these challenges and explore pathways to overcome them. Join us as we delve into the current state of thermal energy transition, project the readiness of emerging technologies for large-scale implementation, and steps needed to develop the necessary infrastructure.

The talk will take place adjacent to the Global Energy Transition (GET) Congress & Exhibition (1-3 July) and include a light buffet lunch. 

Event Details:
Venue: NH Collection Milano City Life, Milan 
Date: Tuesday 2 July 2024
Time: 09:00-14:00
Cost: Free to attend

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Hannah Watson
Project and Event Producer
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