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Webinar: Digital Engineering for a Sustainable Future

23 Nov 2023
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About this event

The energy sector is currently experiencing a significant digital transformation, where advancements in information and communication technologies are opening up fresh possibilities for sustainable development. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on digitisation to enhance business efficiency, reduce costs, and promote overall sustainability. Modernising engineering practices is paving the way for redefining a more efficient and eco-friendly future.
This shift has generated a heightened interest in digital twin technology across various industries, including the energy sector. Digital twin technology plays a crucial role in bolstering sustainability initiatives, aligning with the rising commitment of businesses to fulfil their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. This innovative technology provides adaptable and creative approaches, empowering organisations to manage risks and encourage global collaboration for their workforces of the future. Consequently, it presents a unique opportunity to enhance profitability while optimising resource utilisation throughout the entire asset lifecycle.
The urgency to drive investment and improve digitisation has never been more apparent. Without sustained investment in innovation, we will struggle to meet the sustainability objectives essential for a brighter future. In this webinar, discover how AVEVA is assisting its customers in shaping a better, more sustainable future. To facilitate the creation and delivery of digital twins, both Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies (EPCs) and Owners and Operators (OOs) are collaborating with AVEVA as a trusted partner to provide a digital twin that proves valuable and useful throughout the entire project life cycle, from engineering and design to construction, operation, and maintenance of the asset.
Join us on Thursday 23 November at 10am for this webinar, to learn more about digital engineering and how it is helping to drive sustainability. 

AVEVA Speaker - 
Michele Cacciari

Michele is the Head of AVEVA Oil & Gas Segment. He is an Industry Expert in Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals Industries with more than 20 years experience in delivering wide international transformation programs from business model planning to deployment of new processes, solutions, and operating model. He worked in Leadership positions for International Consulting and Leading Industrial Software Companies supporting companies in transforming their business leveraging the latest digital technologies such as: IT-OT Convergence, Industry 4.0, Integrated Manufacturing Operations Management, etc.).

Event Details 
Date: Thursday 23 November 2023 
Time: 10:00-11:00 (UK) 
Venue: Online Webinar 
Cost: Free to attend 


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