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From Waves to Watts: Exploring the Potential of Marine Energy

28 Sep 2023
The Museum of Liverpool
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About this event

Oceans are very much an untapped source of energy and yet have the potential to be an infinite power source. It has been reported by Ocean Energy Systems (OES) that global wave and tidal stream energy production has risen tenfold over the last decade.

According to the UK government's projections, the combination of wave and tidal energy has the potential to provide up to 20% of the country's current electricity demand, with an installed capacity of 30-to-50 GW’s. The global ocean energy industry is expected to be valued at £76 billion by 2050.

Marine energy technology is still in the early stages of development and is not as advanced as some of the other renewable energy sources. We invite you to join us in Liverpool to hear more about the various projects in UK waters, explore the opportunities and discuss challenges surrounding the acceleration of this sector.

Event Details
Date: Thursday 28 September
Time: 10:00 - 16:30 
Venue: The Museum of Liverpool, L3 1DG
Cost: EIC Member - £95+VAT / Non-Member - £160+VAT
Agenda: Waves to Watts: Exploring the Potential of Marine Energy

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