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Ukraine: Turning the Lights Back On - A Supply Chain Procurement Event

12 Dec 2022
Manchester Science & Industry Museum
All UK companies
Sector Showcase
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About this event

The Ukrainian energy sector has suffered from permanent and deliberate attacks by Russia. The energy infrastructure has and continues to be damaged on a daily basis. Millions of resident’s settlements are deprived of electricity. The scale of the damage to infrastructure and livelihoods is catastrophic. Emergency crews are constantly trying to restore power supply to millions of Ukrainian homes and there is an urgent need for assistance from the UK supply chain to help restore power in areas of Ukraine where essential infrastructure has been destroyed. 

We are encouraging UK suppliers to support Ukraine’s needs for emergency equipment for their power generation sector in the effort to repair, restore and maintain energy supplies in Ukraine.   

Join us on Monday 12 December as we hear from key Operator and contracting companies on how the UK supply chain can support Ukraine in maintaining power over the coming winter months. 

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Payment for essential equipment

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund will purchase required equipment - further details can be found here. 

A representative from the EU Energy Community Support Fund will be in attendance on the 12th December and will be available to answer all questions relating to the funding scheme. 

Event Details
Date: Monday 12 December
Time: 10:00 - 15:00 (UK) *subject to change
Venue: Manchester Science & Industry Museum
Cost: Free to attend 


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Caitlin Henderson
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