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Energy Security and the Climate Crisis - Can they be addressed together?

10 May 2022
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About this event

Energy Security and the Climate Crisis - Can they be addressed together? 

Energy security has been a main discussion point within the sector recently on both a regional and global scale. Just last week energy leaders from all over the world met in Paris for the International Energy Agency’s 2022 ministerial meeting. The outcome was a strong message for unity on the need to strengthen energy security, reduce market instability, and ensure access to adequate, reliable, and affordable supplies of modern clean energy with the acceleration of energy transition globally.

Short-term measures on the consumer side that could have an immediate impact on the market include mobilising behavioural change, implementing energy efficiency measures, and supporting rapid deployment of solar PV at household and community level. Whilst technical solutions on the supply side may include delaying closure of nuclear and coal fired power stations; sourcing alternative oil and gas supplies, building additional natural gas storage capacity, and fast-tracking utility scale solar and wind projects.

Longer term options will now focus on increased energy efficiency and electrification of end uses. In addition to deploying new nuclear power stations - both at the gigawatt scale and smaller modular reactors and doubling offshore wind expansion. Natural gas may still be used as the feedstock for blue hydrogen and/or in power plant fitted with carbon capture and storage (CCS). CCS may also be coupled with biomass energy combustion (BECCS), though this may be limited by supplies of sustainable biomass.

Lobbies will urge all kinds on new technology solutions from tidal range generation, through fusion to space-based solar which promise independence and low carbon solutions and governments will need to evaluate which technologies offer real promise and substantive contributions.

What does energy security look like in Europe if decarbonisation goals are to be met? Are we caught between short-term needs and long-term-goals? The reality is we need both to build resilience into our energy systems. In this webinar, we will explore both short- and long-term solutions for energy security in the UK and mainland Europe, whilst discussing actions that are needed to bring prompt results.

About the Event
Date: Tuesday 10 May 2022
Time: 10:00 - 12:00 (UK)
Cost: EIC Members: FOC / Non-Members: £25+VAT

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