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Survive and Thrive - Volume VII

July 2023

The 7th edition of Survive & Thrive report provides early warning signals of policy challenges and paints a striking picture of a fast-changing global energy landscape. Its unique approach to research is based on extensive interviews with the leaders and senior executives of 96 energy supply chain companies from around the world.

The report highlights that despite growing demand and ambitious country pledges for net zero, the energy supply chain is shifting into oil and gas, triggered by a lack of consistent and profitable work in green projects, raising concerns that net zero 2050 commitments will also be delayed. Additionally, oil and gas markets are experiencing a period of significant growth, which paints a picture that oil and projects are more likely to proceed with full funding, compared to renewable and transition technologies.

This edition also seeks clarity of the talk of a skills crisis, instead suggesting businesses are today largely still able to meet their growth commitments with the resources at their disposal, worried more about a future growth spurt of the green revolution finally happens.

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