UK Energy Supply Chain (UKESC) Taskforce

UK Energy Supply Chain Taskforce (UKESC)

Introducing the UK Energy Supply Chain Taskforce, government and industry working together to maximise opportunities and mitigate challenges. 

Amplifying your voice

Industry and government coming together to form the UKESC Taskforce with the dedicated focus on amplifying the voice of the UK energy supply chain.

Shaping policy

Forming more direct links between businesses of all types, sizes and strategies across the supply chain with policy makers to inform policy formulation.

Enabling energy transition

Putting British supply chain businesses at the heart of energy transition in the UK, in line with the government’s 2050 net zero targets.

Increasing exports and internationalisation

Putting the UK’s world class competitive products and services on the international map, delivering step change growth in exports and internationalisation.

All UK regions

Working in support of government initiatives such as Building Back Better and Levelling Up to strengthen the supply chain across the whole of the UK.

All energy sectors

Key representatives from all major energy sectors working together, recognising that there is a role for all sectors in the transition, behaving in an energy agnostic way.

Seeding, rooting, and growing UK content and capability

Identifying and nurturing critical UK capabilities, technologies, and manufacturing capacity crucial to successful energy transition, export growth and maximising UK content.

Sharing and collaborating, not duplicating

Sharing best practices and collaborating on tangible actions, being careful not to duplicate but to complement existing regional and sector initiatives.

Surveys and sub-groups, reaching deep into the supply chain

Administering surveys and working sub-groups to ensure that the needs, challenges, and opportunities of the entire supply chain are collected, understood and incorporated.

Delivering outcomes

Working hard to implement real actions with timely and measurable outcomes, always with focus exclusively on benefitting the UK energy supply chain.

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Andrew Griffith MP

Minister for Exports

Greg Hands MP

Energy Minister

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