World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) 2021

Why World Nuclear Exhibition?

Taking place in France, the largest producer of nuclear power in Europe, WNE is supported fully by the French nuclear industry including major developers and contractors such as EDF, Framatome and Orano. With the French sector playing a leading role in the UK nuclear new build programme at Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C, WNE presents a chance to meet and network with companies involved on these projects, whilst also offering the opportunity to discover activities in the French nuclear sector and how the UK’s extensive supply chain can assist with developments in the country.

The French industry will soon shift towards decommissioning with plans to close 14 nuclear reactors in the country by 2035, and the UK is in a prime position to meet the demands of these opportunities with substantial capability and experience across the decommissioning sector. WNE offers the chance to engage with global nuclear supply chains and forge new partnerships to get involved in upcoming programmes of work in the UK, France and around the world.

Why France?

Home to the world’s largest producer of electricity in 2009, EdF, France has the largest share of nuclear power generation globally. Following the 1974 oil shock, the French government established guidelines for energy policy and security, with nuclear power at the centre. As a result of this, France now claims a substantial level of energy independence and almost the lowest cost electricity in Europe. It also has an extremely low level of carbon dioxide emissions per capita from electricity generation, since over 90% of its electricity is nuclear or hydropower.

To date, power from nuclear reactor covers around 75% of French energy needs. Although France appears to be adjusting its stance on nuclear, with new policies to be set in 2030 to reduce nuclear share to 50%, the French President still believes that nuclear is “the most carbon-free way to produce electricity with renewables." With the carbon neutral goal set for 2050, it’s admirable France have confidence in taking this route to achieve it. As well as exporting up to 70 TWh over the decade to countries such as Spain, Italy, the UK, Switzerland and Germany, France has been very active in developing nuclear technology. With significant export in reactors and fuel products, the industry has developed expertise, supply chains, and design refinements that should help cut costs and reduce the time it takes to develop subsequent reactors.


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