Technical Workshops

Technical Workshops primarily take the form of presentations held at the premises of host manufacturing companies and often incorporate a workshop tour. This access to the supply chain will allow you greater appreciation of equipment you may be procuring, enhanced credibility and understanding of your customers’ needs and may even open the door to future business relations with prospective customers.

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Business & Management

Image of Business Meeting

Business and Management courses are delivered by experienced trainers using a variety of methods from role play to case studies and group discussion, their main aim is to equip you with necessary skills, techniques and confidence to maximise business success, operate more effectively and further progress your career in today’s competitive market.

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In-House Training

In-house training involves bringing an instructor to a location of choice to deliver a customised training program for a group of employees. One of the main benefits for employers is the ability to control when the training takes place and scheduling it so that it minimises the impact on their business. Instructors are able to modify training material to meet individual business needs and focus on company issues to ensure the learning is relevant.

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Industry Overviews

Industry Overviews provide a comprehensive overview of your chosen sector, delivered by industry experts you will gain greater understanding resulting in confidence when approaching a new sector, credibility when speaking to customers, an appreciation of how your business or products sit within the industry or simply developed knowledge.

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Health, Safety & Environment Training

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Health Safety and Environment (HS&E) courses provide direction and guidance from industry experts and international certification bodies enabling you to confidently work within legal frameworks and recognise how they may apply to your business, products and services. It will also allow you to understand customers’ requirements and limitations and when working and supplying into hazardous areas.

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