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The Latin America & Caribbean Hydrogen & CCUS Decarbonisation Summit

26 Oct 2021
Non-EIC Event

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The Latin America & Caribbean Hydrogen & CCUS Decarbonisation Summit, will be looking at how green hydrogen, carbon capture storage and carbon capture utilisation storage can help decarbonise the energy intensive sectors in the Latin American region. This includes oil, gas, mining, agriculture and cement amongst other sectors.

The Latin America & Caribbean Hydrogen & CCUS Decarbonisation Summit will focus on how to determine strategies for greater decarbonisation of the energy intensive sectors and enhance collaboration and innovation between 300+ government officials, regulators, key industry stake holders, leading academia and service companies.


Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th October 2021 @ Santiago


Session I - Latin American Caribbean & International Policy
With Latin America having the opportunities to decarbonise its oil and gas sector via carbon captures storage technologies and the with the abundance of renewable sources available to produce green hydrogen via offshore & onshore wind, solar and tidal. This session will review energy transition policies of the leading LATAC countries.

Session II - Energy Mix
Latin America & the Caribbean incorporate a very diverse energy mix with oil and gas being one of the main energy sources for the continent and the need for countries to lower its CO2 emissions to meet the Paris Climate Change agreement. This session will look at the current energy mix across each country and look at how hydrogen and carbon capture storage can be implemented in their decarbonisation plans.

Session III - Green Hydrogen Production Projects
Latin America has the biggest coastlines globally and numerous active ports and a growing interest in the renewables sector. This session will review the opportunities to produce green hydrogen via onshore & offshore wind, solar and tidal. You will hear from international global case studies that are currently active globally to understand how similar projects can be implemented in the region.

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