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Upstream Digital Transformation Conference EU Live 2021

01 Dec 2021
Non-EIC Event

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Reduce Costs, Overcome Emerging Challenges, and Decrease Your Environmental Impact with Change Management Strategies for Successful Digital Transformation


  • Change Management – Discuss how a change in mind set can increase frontline adoption of new technologies and techniques to get the best results from transformation projects
  • Collaboration and Partnerships – See examples of why collaboration has rarely been so important for energy companies with increasing pressure to reduce emissions, lower costs, and transition to more sustainable energy sources
  • Business Change – Consider a business first approach to ensure the correct structure is in place to more accurately identify opportunities to implement new technologies and methods thereby reducing risk on transformation investments
  • Data – Understand the value of advanced data management and solutions to increase acceptance of new procedures and ensure a higher a return on investment for upstream projects
  • Environmental Impact – Get ahead in the race to net zero by discovering the power behind digital transformation initiatives that aim to minimise methane and CO2 emissions
  • Energy Transition – Analyse the opportunities digital transformation brings when streamlining operations and how these can transfer directly to alternative forms of energy such as wind and hydrogen

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